November 23, 2022

The staff Registered Nurse (RN) is a professional caregiver who assumes responsibility for a group of patients for a designated time frame and provides care to these patients via the utilization of the nursing process, nursing trends, technology, financial and human resources within the philosophy of the institution.

  • Performs all responsibilities and duties required by unit as specific to the scope of service. Implements procedures and theories related to the specific area of practice. Maintains up-to-date and accurate documentation of nursing care provided to assure the integration of information for use by the healthcare team.
  • Completes initial assessment upon patient admission and develops appropriate plan of care in accordance with unit standards and that is based on patient and family needs. Implements plan of care, nursing interventions, and patient care procedures. Modifies plan of care based upon continuous evaluation.
  • Takes responsibility for patient and employee safety by reporting and/or correcting safety hazards and incidents.
  • Communicates with others directly and in private when necessary to resolve issues. Offers constructive feedback to assist in the professional development of peers, and confers with colleagues to expand knowledge base. Identifies own learning needs and takes initiative to begin appropriate solution.
  • Fulfills all requirements of departmental competencies specific to each patient population. This may include all or part of the following: Care of post-partum patients, antepartum, labor & delivery, postpartum care of newborns in newborn nursery, baby advocate at deliveries, care for mothers in the immediate post-partum recovery phase. Care of high risk antepartum patients.
  • Provide care to post-partum patients
  • Care for newborns in newborn nursery
  • Perform role of baby advocate at deliveries
  • Care for mothers in the immediate post-partum recovery phase
Employment Type
Full Time

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