Production Lead


$23.75/hr, plus $600 new hire bonus, see details below

The Production Lead duties include:

– Verifying weekly that there are packaging and ingredients of adequate inventory levels located at the plant to ensure that the daily scheduled production run of each item has all the packaging and ingredients required to complete each production run

– Ensuring that the correct smoked raw materials are directed to the appropriate slicing and packing operations ensuring that the right material is used in the production of each respective finished product.

– Monitoring the condition and quality of the smoked raw materials and alerting plant management and QC staff when the quality and or conditions of this material fall below-identified levels

– Setting daily productivity goals in each operation, monitoring production progress in the plant making sure to meet or exceed daily production goals
– Alerting plant management when daily goals will not be achieved

– Monitoring daily the labor needs of each respective operation; Skin and trim, Slicing and roll stock operations

– Moving the appropriate staff as needed into the different operations to ensure the most efficient production levels are reached in each department with the available labor
– Making sure production goals in each department are met

– Ensuring that coordination of production and warehouse activities results in the efficient, safe, and secure operation of the facility

– Ensuring that product quality meets the written product specifications
– Alerting plant management, when product quality deviations are identified

– Checking finished products from production to ensure that labeling information, case counts, and date

– Monitoring recovery range from all production paperwork

– Informing all appropriate personnel on the status of items being produced.

– Being sure that employees under their supervision adhere to HACCP and GMPs procedures and policies.

– Following all company safety policies, procedures, and GMPs.

SEA-09 WS-09


Shift start: 6:00AM
Shift length: 8 + hours


  • Health, dental, vision insurance – available after 60 days
  • Paid time off
  • 401(k) plan


  • Must pass drug screen (cannabis included)
  • Must pass background check

Must have excellent knowledge of seafood production, and processing procedures, inventory control procedures, and quality assurance standards.

$600 new hire incentive

$300 bonus after 90 days, and another $300 bonus after 120 days of employment.

About Ocean Beauty Seafoods

As a top quality seafood company, Ocean Beauty Seafoods has been around for over 100 years and produces premium products through its signature brand. Ocean Beautys frozen ready-to-eat salmon and tuna burgers are a delicious and easily prepared meal for any occasion.We have sixteen locations spanning from Alaska to Texas with a distribution center in Portland, Oregon.

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