November 23, 2022

The Patient Services Nurse coordinates the patient intake and triage process for Primary Care Departments ensuring appropriate level of care and advice is provided.

  • Assists patients via phone to determine the urgency of care needed, referring to or scheduling appointments with providers, and giving health information and advice to callers.
  • Evaluates, assesses, and documents patients questions or concerns.
  • Coordinates with Primary Care Center physicians and nursing staff in order to meet the needs of the patient.
  • Insures documentation of care is complete and accurate.
  • Provides general health information using approved references including, but not limited to, providing individual and group health and wellness education.
  • Supports maintenance and completeness of patients electronic medical record, including medication reconciliation.
  • Triage calls from patients regarding emergent matters – provide education and disposition per provider approved protocols
  • Assist primary care office with old telephone encounters and return calls regarding patient lab and diagnostic results
  • Provide assistance to primary care offices with inbasket messages, prescription requests, and other concerns as requested; including providing normal result notification to patients from primary care provider
  • Provides assistance to Medication Renewal Center when needed
  • Review medication requests from patients and medication responses from provider
  • Disseminate education to patient as written by provider
Employment Type
Full Time

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