Updated: Feb 15, 2020

The health care sector is a multimillion-dollar industry that has a very wide coverage, ranging from nursing to care, and from nutrition to medical. This sector has widely evolved bringing in lots of career openings not only for medical professionals like doctors or nurses as it was in the past. Some other interesting health and fitness jobs which are very important for our health-related needs have come into the picture.

There are many reasons why people choose to pursue a career in fitness. While some are inspired by the desire to help others change their lifestyle, others draw their inspiration from a life experience that instilled the value of fitness. No matter what your motivation in this career field maybe, if you are thinking of taking up this career option, then just know it is a very exciting and rewarding profession.

Some of these fitness jobs may require a degree specifically for that profession while a few others may just require you to have some certification or formal training in related fields. So if you are passionate about pursuing a career in health and fitness, read through to have idea s on the different career openings that await you in this sector.

1. Physical Education Teacher

First on our list is a physical education teacher job, this is a very relevant career field in the health and fitness sector as it is the ideal way to combine a love of physical education and a love of teaching into one job. This job mainly involves educating children, typically in middle and high school, on the tenets of exercise, healthy living, and physical fitness. They help students stay mentally fit, raise the bar for making healthy choices throughout life, and build lifetime fitness in them.

There are also a couple of PE teacher jobs in elementary schools as well, so whether you prefer working with younger kids or young adults there are still a good number of job opportunities for you. There are lots of career openings for physical education teachers all around the world, and the economic outlook for this job is very promising. This is the ideal career choice if you love kids and you are passionate about physical fitness.

Job Requirements:

Physical education teaching jobs is like any other teaching job and the degree requirements are pretty much the same. You will definitely need a bachelor's degree in physical education, athletic training or a related field in order to secure this position.

Average Salary

The average salary for a Physical Education Teacher is $45,852, with a salary range from $28,101 to $80,000.

2. Health Educator:

Health educators are mainly responsible for inspiring individuals towards living healthy lifestyles and to promote healthy habits, which help prevent diseases and other nutritional problems. They commonly address vital health subjects like proper nutrition and the importance of exercise, in addition to safe sex and screening.

Health educators conduct critical assessments of people’s health needs, after which they then determine how best they should present the necessary information to the public to promote ideas that are compatible with a government or their employers.

In hospitals, they usually work one on one with patients, educating them about their diagnoses and the steps that they should take to improve their lifestyle. The Plan and implement programs and treatments precisely designed to address the patient's needs. These health professionals mainly work towards helping patients find resources to help them with their health issues.

Job Requirements

Since this is a very critical fitness job, the minimum requirement for a health Educator is a bachelor's degree in either health education or health promotion. Other jobs may additionally require you to have completed a master's degree program.

Average Salary

The base for a certified Health Educator is about $43,722.

3. Nutritionist

The growing obesity epidemic and the fact that people are living longer and trying to stay healthier, is creating a need for qualified nutritionists. These are health experts who advise people on making healthy food choices and also assist them in managing their stress and making good nutrition choices. Their main everyday jobs include helping clients prepare meals, organizing programs about nutrition and treating illnesses.

Many people out there these days are facing lots of challenges when it comes to managing their diets especially when they want to keep fit. They, therefore, need the assistance of a nutrition specialist. A nutritionist helps setting up diet plans and recommends supplements to enhance their response to exercise and improve their overall health.

Others actually need the help of a nutritionist for their own wellbeing, especially if they have serious medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and other serious illnesses. These people will naturally need carefully prepared meals that contain all the nutrition that they need to help them with their condition. This is a very vital field in the healthcare industry. Many of them work in various healthcare facilities, sports organizations, and government health agencies.

Job Requirements

A Nutritionist is generally required to have at least a bachelor's degree in nutrition science or in a related science or health field

Average Salary

A Nutritionist earns an average salary of $59,660.

4. Fitness or gym instructor

A fitness/gym instructor is one of the most common and exciting health and fitness jobs. Fitness instructors mainly work towards increasing someone’s level of fitness through examining their present fitness level and working towards optimizing it through the creation of structured workout programs. They are responsible for evaluating the client's well-being in terms of their blood pressure, weight, or aerobic capacity, to know exactly how to handle their fitness needs.

This includes losing weight, toning up, or gaining more energy. The instructor comes with a tailored program including exercise, diet, and lifestyle to create a path towards attaining the client’s fitness goals. They help their clients burn unwanted fat and keep them in good maintain a good shape.

There are also those who just help a client build muscle to help their body tone up to look and feel good. Fitness instructors may sometimes choose to work on a part-time basis in fitness clubs or health centers, or work as corporate fitness instructors for companies, or as well work individually on a one to one basis with clients.

Job Requirements

Though a High school diploma can do for the minimum requirements of a fitness instructor, some employees generally prefer applicants who hold bachelor's degrees in health fields like physical fitness, physical education or some other health-related fields.

Average Salary

The base salary for Fitness Instructor ranges from $30,210 to $57,416 with the average base salary of $41,039.

5. Personal Trainer

This is another very interesting career in the health sector. The personal trainer is one of the best works from home jobs in fitness because it is the most well-known. Getting a personal trainer is one of the best strategies an individual can put in place in order to attain a heightened level of well-being, increased fitness, and improvements in sports performances.

Personal trainers come up with a one-on-one training routine and help stimulate the client to exercise. They monitor their fitness progress and make recommendations on how to improve it with the best exercises to ensure they archive their personal fitness and weight goals. Many personal trainers work at fitness centers, while some work at country clubs, corporations, seniors’ homes, and other facilities.

While some employees are prepared to hire personal trainers who have no training or certification, most of the top-paying jobs will require a certification that will additionally make you more marketable. Remember, there is a lot of competition in the personal training sector, so you need to put in your best to stand out among the rest.

Job Requirements

The minimal requirement for this job is a high school diploma but since it is a very competitive field, it is advisable to go in for a health field bachelor's degree in areas like physical fitness or physical education in order to attain the top-paying positions.

Average Salary

A certified personal trainer earns a base salary ranging from $43,773 to $74,509 with an average base salary of $60,647.

6. Wellness Coach

Sure you most have heard of wellness coaching once or twice but have you ever bothered to find out what this career field is all about? A wellness coach is someone who focuses primarily on the overall well-being of another individual. Basically, a wellness coach is responsible for advising people about fitness, nutrition, weight management, stress, health risks, and reaching fitness goals. They change the individual's viewpoint of life and even the way they look just to make them feel better.

A Wellness coach finds solutions to people’s fitness problems and gives them the necessary motivation to become a better person. This is a very fast expanding field as more and more people are turning to wellness coaching to help others achieve what they want to become. It is a tasking but fulfilling job. If you are thinking of becoming a wellness coach, you must be able to work with your client hand in hand to make sure they achieve their goals at the end of the program.

Job Requirements

Although you do not necessarily need any specific certifications in order to become a wellness coach, a certification in wellness coaching is recommended.

Average Salary

The average salary for a Wellness Coach is $45,390.

7. Massage therapist

In the past, massage was regarded as a luxury associated with high-end spas and resorts. Today, the whole concept has changed as the availability of massage therapist jobs has increased dramatically over the last decade as more people are becoming aware of the value of this ancient practice. The body goes through a lot of daily activities experiencing much pressure, so we definitely need to relax and calm it down once in a while and that’s where a good massage therapist comes in to do the magic.

Massage therapy is very important as it ensures relaxed muscles, better circulation, quicker recovery for sprains and other injuries. Massage therapist is a very interesting occupation which involves interacting directly with people to help address their musculoskeletal discomfort. Their job entails offering full or partial body massage to relieve and relax muscles, and to produce relaxation overall. Most health and fitness clubs commonly have massage therapists on staff and massage readily available for their members for a nominal fee.

Job Requirements

The massage therapist job entails understanding the human body, sensitivity, physical stamina and strength so it is important for you to go in for some vocational training or get an associate's degree.

Average Salary

The average salary for a massage therapist is $51,203 with a salary range from $45,824 to $58,819.


Now that you have seen some of the interesting fitness careers you can engage in, it is left for you to make pick what you want and start working towards it. But before you start off on a career, it is important to understand whether the occupation would match your personal aspirations and abilities.

Along the line, after building a solid reputation, you can always start your own gym or your own spa and invite clients to come in, either to help build a healthy body or to relax a tired one. While there are so many reasons to pursue a career in fitness, you will find that it is very rewarding both financially and in the satisfaction that you will get for helping others stay healthy.