Marketing Jobs

Marketing is a very crucial aspect of every business, which constitutes many facets and activities. A career in marketing can open many different doors for you as they are many job opportunities in the marketing domain. Companies are in search of experts who are able to understand client needs and wants and then use their marketing skills and techniques to incorporate the information in the communication of the company’s marketing strategy.

Though marketing can be a very competitive field, there is not just one direct way of doing marketing communication; it can be done in many different ways and that’s why a career in marketing comes with lots of openings. The main job of a company’s marketer is to take its product/service and give it a solid brand identity for customers to easily relate to the product.

Before moving forward to taking up a career path in marketing, your first need to know what types of marketing jobs are available in this domain. From the Social Media Manager to Marketing Analyst, there are many different marketing career choices out there for people with a marketing degree. Below is a list of top trending marketing career opportunities to find out which one is right for you can engage in.

1. Marketing Specialist

With the rapid increase in both small and large scale businesses, there is an increasing demand for specialists who are able to develop and execute effective marketing campaigns, and also to convert business goals into successful marketing campaigns. The Marketing Specialist is known for scheming and developing marketing campaigns for business product/services growth. They are typically in charge of generating ideas for marketing strategies then work alongside a creative department to implement it.

They carry out an in-depth study of how the market functions so as to efficiently study current marketing trends and know the type of products/services which are in competitive market demand by consumers. As a marketing specialist, you will need to be good at evaluating the needs of the consumer market, and know exactly how and where to obtain adequate knowledge about consumer needs and wants. Marketing Specialists grow sales presentations and provide feedback based on information gathered such as marketing trends, competition, new products, and pricing.


In order to become a marketing specialist, you are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree in business or other marketing management related courses. If you have some previous working knowledge of marketing research, communications, and sales, it will be a lot easier to secure a marketing specialist job.

Though certification is kind of optional, it is very important especially when you want to exhibit professional competence. Added to this, some digital marketing skills are also very important as most businesses are now much concerned with the digital landscape of marketing.

Estimated Salary

The average salary for a Marketing Specialist with Marketing Communications skills is estimated at $52,426.

2. Social Media Manager

The advent of Social Media has completely changed the way businesses; both small entrepreneurs and large corporations interact and communicate with their target audience. While any employee can cope with updating and monitoring the company’s social network accounts, you will definitely need someone who will ensure you effectively and efficiently supervise updating and interacting with the online community and that’s the role of a social media manager.

The growing increase in the usage of social media platforms has increased the demand for people who have the necessary skills required for developing messages and interacting with the target market to help drive in new customers and preserve existing ones. The Social Media Manager is the brain behind a company’s social media marketing campaign. They make sure that the company’s social network accounts are regularly up to date with vital content and post which reflects the business products/services.

They put in place effective social media marketing strategies to grow brand awareness and increase market leads or sales. These marketers also work towards actively bringing in and engaging the company’s social media followers and influencers within their social media channels. Social Media Managers further track and gather reports on social media trends and engagement, then adjust them to perfectly fit the company’s needs. This has become a critical foundation in establishing a strong online social media presence.


In order to become a social media marketer, you are required to have great communication skills, good and fast decision-making skills, Intermediate or expert computer skills, particularly in relation to presentations, spreadsheets, email management, and Microsoft Office applications, Content and Copywriting skills, Marketing skills and Managerial skills.

Estimated Salary:

Social media manager positions are among the hot marketing jobs out there as of 2019 and the average starting salary for a social media manager is about $57,750.

3. Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Most entrepreneurs nowadays are interested in developing an online presence for their businesses with the main goal of reaching out to a wider customer base spread all over the world. The target audience for most businesses today is no longer confined to a certain group of people but has spread out worldwide with the help of digital marketing. Most organizations use search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to make their site popular on search engines and that’s where a search engine optimization specialist comes to help companies in undertaking this strategy for their business.

Search engine optimization specialists have the expertise and experience in preparing and implementing the best search engine optimization strategy for any business. They are the people responsible for improving search rankings for websites. These specialists study the existing market, and then come up with the best strategy for the business. They select the best keyword choices along with their SEO tricks and tactics to increase website search rankings.

The optimization process is mainly characterized by developing keyword-rich content, optimizing page titles, header tags, alt tags, and Meta tags. They also make sure that the general designs of your website boost your visitor experience. SEO Specialists then examine the efficiency of their SEO campaigns and then do the necessary corrections for effective search rankings.


In order for you to land a good SEO Specialist job, you are required to have some background programming knowledge in HTML or PHP, CSS, database management software like MySQL, data mining software like Google Analytics, and marketing software like Google AdWords or Marketo Marketing Automation with some web design and development skills along with content writing skills.

Estimated Salary

The estimated Salary range for a Search Engine Optimization Specialist is about $56,983 to $69,429 annually.

4. Email Marketing Manager

With the vast spread of digital marketing, email marketing has emerged as one of the most useful marketing tools for marketers and businesses alike. Companies are in search of skillful personnel to take the lead with their email marketing strategies. Email Marketing Managers are responsible for marketing a product/service through email marketing campaigns.

They are in charge of running email marketing campaigns end-to-end, managing email databases and creating newsletters to promote the business product/service. Their main role is to reach customers through email campaigns and inform them about new products and events. They manage the company’s contact list, develop attractive marketing materials for customers and ensure customers stay in touch with company updates.


In order for you to become an Email marketing manager, you need to have good HTML and content management systems skills, SEO/SEM and Google Analytics Knowledge, Experience in analytical and database tools, Proficiency in marketing automation technology, Brilliant writing, and copywriting skills and also strong project management skills.

Estimated Salary

The salary range for an Email Marketing Manager typically ranges between $61,692 and $88,511 per year.

5. Web Content Writer

A web content writer is someone who specializes in providing relevant and engaging material to draw in more visitors to a website. They write blog posts, marketing copy, and other forms of content for the web to provide website visitors with exactly what they are looking for. They use web content to bring in traffic from different sources, using different the appropriate keywords to engage the audience and influence purchasing decisions.

Besides writing content for you, a web content writer also provides some tips about adding certain things like links, banners, and advertisements to make your site more interesting. Their main aim is to increase the number of visitors on a website by providing visitors with engaging content related to the company’s products/services.

Required Skills:

Although writing itself it a unique talent, some prerequisites and training are required for you to become offered the job of a Web content writer. Bachelor's degree programs in journalism, English and other mass communication disciplines can fulfill the educational requirements for Web content writers.

Estimated Salary:

The average annual pay for a Web Content Writer is about $50,798 a year.

6. Web Producer

Looking at those amazing webpages all over the internet, have you ever wondered how they come about? A web producer is hired to create a good experience for users that land on a website and also to bring traffic to the site. They are mainly responsible for creating and implementing the digital content of a website. The job is a mixture of marketing, graphic design, journalism, and other different responsibilities.

They sometimes work alongside the web content writing team to decide which content will appear on the website. Web producers are not only responsible for generating written materials; they are also known for producing and implementing graphics, audio, and video. Their job all boils down to improving the user experience for website visitors. If you've got some technical nous and you're interested in creating websites, why not just take up a web production job? It is really going to earn you some extra income as it is in high demand.

7. Required Skills:

In order to become a web producer, you will need some solid creative and content writing, proficient with certain programs such as Flash, HTML, and others, SEO Optimization and also some Graphic designing skills may also help.

Estimated Salary:

You can earn about $57,643 per year as a Web Producer.

8. Product Manager

A Product Manager oversees the development of a product from start to finish. They are responsible for doing whatever it takes to collaborate with multiple teams and move different conversations towards closure. They are responsible for gathering information from various teams and properly summarizing/documenting the most important information to be shared with the company stakeholders.

They carry out marketing and technological research with an analysis of the company's own business model to validate the product idea, determine its feature-set, and the development roadmap. They understand the vision of the management of the product and communicate it effectively for designing, development, and testing. He/she makes sure a given project is completed on a defined schedule and within the specific budget constraint.

Required Skills:

A well-qualified project manager should have solid leadership and communication skills. They should be good at managing time, conducting research and organization. Solid background knowledge in IT project management tools is also required.

Estimated Salary:

As a project manager, you can about $103,074 per year.

9. Marketing Analyst

Marketing is the process of forecasting and implementing effective strategies for products, services or ideas to generate and boost sales. Marketing is a very important aspect of every company which requires a lot of competence and experience to effectively study consumer wants and needs. A marketing analyst is responsible for gathering and examining data to assess the existing and potential product and service markets.

They gather and analyze information on marketing trends and provide the appropriate feedback to the marketing team. They are mainly responsible for examining an organization’s marketing campaigns to determine which products or services to sell and how to sell them.

Required Skills:

As an expert market analyst, you are required to take courses in business, marketing, social sciences, math, and analytical skills, economics, computer science, and statistics.

Estimated Salary:

The average annual salary of a Marketing Analyst is $54,659; the median salary is $50,000 with a salary range from $23,691 to $160,000.

10. Advertising Coordinator

The advertising coordinator works alongside the marketing and creative team to develop marketing projects for printing and electronic media. They conduct research and identify ways to build brand awareness and acquire new clients.

Marketing analysts are responsible for tracking advertising costs, researching consumer behavior and exploring market trends and opportunities. They also assist in coordinating effective advertising campaigns to attract more potential customers. They also supervise staff performance, maintain and update a customer database, and offer support to the sales staff.

Required Skills:

For you to land an Advertisement coordinating job, you need to have a BSc in Marketing or relevant field experience, Google Analytics, Analytical abilities, In-depth understanding of SEM campaign strategies and SEO practices, and Experience with PPC campaigns.

Estimated Salary:

The base salary for an Advertising Coordinator ranges from $55,202 to $74,236 with the average base salary of $63,553.


The marketing field is a quite lucrative and continuously expanding field. After going through the different top marketing career paths, you can now see how much you stand to make with marketing, it is left for you to choose your favorite marketing job, start the necessary training required to start earning.