Updated: Nov 19, 2019

The field of technology is amongst one of the top trending careers we have in the employment market. Taking a course and building a career in the world of technology is an amazing decision to take. The field of technology offers tons of career opportunities due to the growth and its need in the digital business world. There are actually several different career paths to choose from in this field with good pay as well. From data analysts, software engineers, computer programmers, and many more.

If you are looking for reasons to consider starting a career in the tech world, here are some motives to make that decision.

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Lots of opportunities

As earlier mentioned, the field of technology/IT is growing drastically because of its high demands by organizations that need the offered skill sets to keep their businesses running. So it does not matter what you decide to specialize in but you will definitely get a job.


Another fun and exciting thing with this field are that it is inter-related and it ties with almost every sector. You can work in the healthcare industry, finance, and even networking organizations. Thus its opportunities are really endless and you can find a niche which you are comfortable with.


Apart from job satisfaction, the pay is always one thing that motivates people to work and individuals who are getting into this career path have the chance of making good money yearly depending on the industry. With the digital business world, problems are bound to happen at any point in time so company owners need to solve the problems and will actually hire those whom they deem fit.


We all know that technology is always going to evolve and of course come with lots of new opportunities for people in the field. So taking a career in IT gives you the chance of growing and grabbing higher-paying jobs as time unfolds.

All you will need to do is study more courses in IT so you can expand your knowledge and skills in the chosen field and then seek further openings in the field so you can get better pay.


If you love and good at IT, love research and creating things that can help to improve lives, then considering a career in IT is a good option for you.

Not only can you create but your technical skills can also be of good aid in the creation of really valuable inventions that can help in taking the industry forward.


The main goal of being an IT expert will be to solve problems which people encounter thus this career path will therefore test and bring out the very best in you, things which you could not believe that you can do.

Now that we have seen some reasons to take this career path, let us take a look at just some of the highest-paying IT jobs, with respect to Robert Half Technology’s 2020 Salary Guide:

1. Big data engineer

Most businesses both small and big always archive their data thus are in need of people who can analyze the data in its raw form and assemble them to interesting facts that can help the company grow. The interpreted data can help in the company’s decision-making process, campaigns, innovations and strategy setting.

Estimated salary

Individuals taking this career path can earn up to $163,250 as their median national salary. Those who usually work for companies as big data engineers have a responsibility to create company software and hardware designs providing the systems which people can use in working with the data.


To be a big data engineer, you are usually required to have a degree in computer science and have a good mastery of mathematics and databases.

2. Mobile applications developer

We all cannot even doubt that mobile apps developers are in high demand especially with the number of apps that we use daily. From WhatsApp to Facebook and Instagram or games, mobile applications have become an integral part of our lives. None the less, mobile app developers need to have a mastery of renowned platforms like IOS and Android with a good mastery of coding with mobile backgrounds and mobile development languages plus web development languages.

Estimated salary

Their midpoint salary is estimated to be about $146.500


To become a mobile app developer, you need to have knowledge of software systems including graphic design, comprising interactive designs, Adobe technology, and Unity3D.

You also need to comprehend and know when to use a variety of mobile connectivity like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

You also need to have a degree in computer science or electrical engineering or any related field. Mobile developers also need to know to make use of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

3. Information systems security manager

Every business needs to feel that their company data and information are protected. Thus companies always solicit the services of information system security personnel to have their data safeguarded. You will also have to stay current about security trends and government regulations.


Individuals who are interested in the information systems security field need to have a technical background in systems and network security. You will also need to have strong leadership ability with great interpersonal communication skills.

Employers also often ask for certifications in courses like Certifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) or CompTIA Security.

Estimated salary

You can earn about $143,250 as your midpoint salary in this career path.

4. Applications architect

Most businesses are creating mobile company apps to ease their business transaction deals and communication with their clients so they can connect with them everywhere and at any time. Thus companies are in need of people who can bring in innovations to improve their apps or build new ones with interesting concepts and backgrounds to ease communication and transactions.

Again, you will be expected to design main areas of the app including the user interface, the middleware and the outlook of the app.


App architects are expected to be good team players and excellent at communication, planning, and execution of projects. Leadership skills are also needed for this career path and job.

Estimated salary

Apps architects can make roughly $141,750 as their midyear earnings. It is amongst the high paying jobs in the IT field.

5. Data architect

Choosing a career as a data architect is also a great decision. Any tech expert who takes up this career path has an obligation to organize company data, translate business needs to database solutions as well while protecting the data. The findings and interpretations of data architects always help businesses to make strategic decisions.


As a data architect, you need to be detailed oriented, have technical as well as good communication skills. You also need to be focused and willing to work as part of a team or better still know how to lead one.

Estimated salary

As a data architect, you can make about as your midpoint salary $141,250

6. Database manager

Big companies always look for individuals who can manage and maintain their database systems so the job demand is high. Company data has a great role to play in major strategies and decisions of every company and that that is what database experts are required to do.


Most at times, having strong leadership and strategic planning skills helps you to secure and work with or manage your team perfectly.

Estimated salary

The midpoint salary range of database experts stands at $133, 500.

7. Data security analyst

Data security analysts ensure that company data is protected from unauthorized access and report or block any unlicensed access. You will also recommend changes for improvements and inventions that can aid to improve the company.


As a data security analyst, you will have good knowledge of computer and network security with firewall administration, encryption technologies, and network protocols. Getting a professional certificate in a course like; Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) designation will be of great advantage to you.

You will also need skill sets like great communication and problem-solving with knowledge of security trends and government regulations.

Estimated salary

The midpoint estimated salary of data security analysts stands at $129,000.

8. Software engineer

The popularity of computers and software programs has made the demand for software engineers high. Software engineers are usually designing, develop, maintain, test and evaluate both applications and software.


As a software engineer, any individual interested in this career path needs to have a good knowledge of information systems and have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or any other related field. You must also know how to communicate well and have knowledge of specific programming languages.

Estimated salary

Individuals who choose this career path can earn about $125,750 as their midpoint salary.

9. Wireless network/cloud engineer

Wireless technology/ cloud has been trending since its introduction. Wireless technology engineers help to maintain the connectivity of networks especially when it comes to data, voice, calls, videos, and also wireless network services.


As a wireless network/cloud engineer, you need to have in-depth knowledge about network technology, and related information in wireless equipment and standards including WLAC.

You also need to be analytical and a good problem solver. Having a certificate in a course like Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) is also beneficial.

Estimated salary

For the midpoint salary of wireless network/cloud engineers, it is estimated to be roughly $123,750.

10. Data scientist

Data scientist experts use their information on statistics and models to interpret both structured and unstructured data as well as simple and complicated data from several sources.


Data scientists usually need amazing communication skills, know how to interpret statistics, good at mathematics and computer science professionals. You also need some knowledge in programming languages like python or java which will aid you in being efficient at work.

Estimated salary

The midpoint salary of data scientists is $125,250.

11. Senior web developer

Many people can visit a website daily but what keeps them attracted is the web page content, how free it is to navigate the webpage and sometimes the design. Every business needs a good and interesting website which is one of the reasons why web developers have lots of job availability.

To be a senior web developer takes several years of experience in managing and maintaining website features. Web developers often assemble business needs and their specifications to come up with attractive web sites that are being consistently updated with relevant information.

Senior web developers generally need experience in building PHP and Ruby sites while working with several different content and management systems. Also, they provide technical aid to web admins and incorporate front and back-end systems.

Estimated salary

Midpoint salary of senior web developers is $123,000

12. Site reliability engineer

When a website gets built, it obviously needs to be managed and maintained always. Generally, site reliability engineers observe app performance and always required to have a good mastery of apps and coding. Often they are always able to write codes like software developers which aids in bridging the gap between the departments of development and operations in application productions. These functions make this career a top paying career in the IT field.


Know much about coding and apps, be good at communication, and also learn how to create positive team spirits and resolve conflict, in other words, have good problem-solving skills.

Estimated salary

Site reliability engineers are most likely to earn $122,000 as their midpoint salaries.

13. Systems engineer

Most businesses need their businesses to be up and running and that is just what system engineers do; help in sustaining and supporting the technical infrastructure at a company plus the hardware and software systems. System engineers usually reconfigure systems when they fail while making the necessary adjustments.


As a system engineer, having great communication skills is essential and the ability to interpret and translate technical information to people who are not versed with it is key.

Estimated salary

The midpoint salary of system engineers is estimated to be $109,000